I have enjoyed living in Fayette County all of my life. My family moved from Shakerag to Fayetteville when I was five and I never moved away. My ancestors for several generations have lived in Fayette County, so I’m certainly “home grown” and my roots go deep. For the past seventy plus years I’ve experienced two very different communities. Today’s Fayette County has four lane roads, traffic jams, new houses in every nook, Walmart and Target stores, banks and gas stations on every corner, and strangers everywhere. In an earlier time Fayette County had only one paved highway, horse drawn wagons mingled with a few automobiles on the roads, no subdivisions, Alford Brothers the largest department store in the county, and few strangers. Although Atlanta was not far away, Fayetteville was remote enough to be independent and provided a small town setting that today would be impossible. I’ve always enjoyed hearing the amusing and interesting stories that my elders told. Now that I have senior citizen status, I enjoy retelling them and telling some of my own. These stories are least as true as they can be after being told so many times.

Thanks for stopping by! Dean Brown