A View from the Garden

In the late 30’s few people in Fayetteville had an automobile. Most people walked to their destination. When I was about five we lived in the house with Mrs. Jenny Farrar, an elderly lady. We could see the Courthouse from our bedroom window. Many people living south of town walked past our house each day.

Mrs. Jenny had a large rose garden just north of the house next to the sidewalk. She took pride in her roses and spent a lot of time pruhing in her garden. Mrs. Jenny was short, about as wide as she was tall, and when she stooped over to prune her rose bushes, her dress would ride up over her hips.

Mrs. Louvale Dettmering lived with her family and mother just north of where Jerry Mask’s gas station is located today. She usually made at least one trip each day to town passing by Mrs. Jenny’s rose garden.

One day while Mrs. Jenny was in her garden pruning: As usual, as she stooped over, her dress would ride up over her hips. Mrs. Dettmering passing by hollered to Mrs. Jenny, “Jenny, when you bend over like that, everyone can see your behind”.

Mrs. Jenny said, “ Aw, Louvale, nobody cares about seeing an old woman’s behind.”

“That ‘s what I mean,” responded Mrs. Dettmering