They say there’s a difference between good junk and bad junk. In any case it seems to depend on an individual’s perspective or need. Take the merchandise at Jordan Salvage located on the east side of town at the corner of Highway 54 and Jeff Davis Drive; there are many items of interest but it’s difficult for me to differentiate.
The owner of Jordan’s Salvage, Robert Jordan, and I grew up together in Fayetteville when the social customs were quite different than they are today. I lived on the southside of town and Robert lived on the east side. He worked for Mr. Ed Travis from the time he was just a child until he started his salvage business. When he was a child he did odd jobs and ran errands for the Travis family. He would sometimes stop by my house on his way to town and we would play. We enjoyed riding down the hill on my coaster wagon. Later he worked in Mr. Travis’ hardware store. (Also, read my story “Real Baseball.” I mention our playing baseball together.)

The main building at Jordan’s Salvage is one of the oldest in Fayetteville. When I was growing up Mr. George Mitchell ran a grocery store there. Most of his customers were black. This was a place where they not only shopped but socialized. I remember my mother sending me there once during the World War II years. Many food items were not only rationed but not available, especially canned meats. It was rumored that Mr. Mitchell had some “Double-Q” pink salmon in stock and Mother sent me there to buy a can. That was the only time I ever entered the store.

If you don’t know him and haven’t stopped at Jordan’s Salvage you’ve missed the joy of meeting its owner Robert Jordan. He is a special person, a life-long friend. We have always called him “Head” but I don’t know why.