Lavern was raised by his grandparents who were elderly and really too old to raise a child, especially a retarded child. Although Lavern was mentally handicapped he had an uncanny reasoning ability which made some of his actions and comments surprising and amusing.

My daddy liked his grandfather, Mr. Dan. Since they had few of the modern conveniences of life, no automobile not even inside plumbing and lived on a very limited income; Daddy thought they would enjoy a special trip to Atlanta, where he went each week to make a report to his company.

Walking down the street in Atlanta they passed a store selling popcorn. The aroma of freshly popped popcorn filled the air. Lavern turned to his grandfather and said,”Papa, I smell popcorn.” Mr. Dan, a very compassionate grandparent, stopped and bought a large bag which Lavern quickly consumed. Lavern’s size testified to the fact that he loved to eat. Farther down the street they passed an ice cream store. Lavern turned to his grandfather and said, “Papa, I smell ice cream.”

There are many similar Lavern stories like this one:

Lavern owned a Snapper lawnmower and had a business cutting people’s lawns. One day I was cutting grass on a very large yard and Lavern walked by. He stopped and came up to where I was cutting and motioned for me to stop. He then went to several corners of the lawn and aimed over the top of his finger as though he were surveying the yard. I waited patiently until he came over to me and described how the lawn should be cut. “ Go this way, and turn that way... and so on.” He said this would make it easier. Trying to be nice to him I agreed to cut the lawn just that way.

I still can’t figure why, but it was a great deal easier!