There Was a Time
When flour came in a sack.
When Three Musketeers candy had three small pieces.
When a radio required an aerial.
When a TV had no remote.
When writing pens were either dip or fountain.
When all butter was round.
When the car starter was on the floorboard.
When arm signals were the only legal turn signals.
When water was not sold in stores.
When shoes had eyes.
When you never wore a short sleeved shirt with a tie.
When women always wore a hat and gloves to church.
When men wore felt hats
When automobiles had running boards.
When tires had tubes.
When a postage stamp was 3¢.
When there was a buffalo on the nickel.
When the head of Mercury was on the dime.
When Lucky Strike cigarettes’ package was green but went to war.
When some cars had spotlights, steering wheel knobs and window vents.
When overalls had a place to carry your hammer.
When only beer came in cans.
When red lights had no turn signal.
When telephones had no push buttons.
When adding machines had a crank on the side.
When all watches had hands.
When soda crackers came in a one stack box.
When sardine and potted meat cans came with a key.
When ice cream was sold in a card board bucket only used today for Chinese food.
When only drug stores and theaters had air conditioning.
When high school only went to the eleventh grade.
When a train ran though Fayetteville to Atlanta.
When people put mercurochrome on cuts and took caster oil.
When all businesses in Fayetteville closed on Wednesday afternoon.
When washing machines had ringers.
When milk was delivered to homes in quart bottles.
When razors used either single or double edged blades.
When Hwy. 54 was the only paved road in Fayetteville.
When RC Cola was popular and came in a 12 ounce bottle.
When Aunt Jemima wore a bandanna on her head.
Yes, there was a time, a time that only some remember.