Shirley Harrell's grandparents lived next door to us and for a while Shirley’s family lived with them. Then they moved across town and lived in an upstairs apartment with Miss Lue Jones. Shirley nor I had any brothers or sisters. and we had become very close, like brother and sister.

One day, Shirley’s parents wanted her to come to her grandparents but had no immediate way to bring her there. It was a good distance from their apartment but in walking distance. My parents gave me more liberty than Shirley had in going all over town. Maybe this was because I was a boy. I was only six and Shirley was only a few months younger than I. Shirley’s parents asked if I could come across town and walk back with her. It was about midmorning when I walked over to Shirley’s apartment. It was in the spring of the year and still a little nippy. We each wore light coats and Shirley wore a bright red cap with a tie that tied under her chin. She was all giggly anticipating a visit with her grandparents. She actually was skipping as we left to go across town.

Down the street a ways we passed the Dickson home. Mr. Lester Dickson was a lawyer and owned a nice big house. Mrs. Dickson was out on her porch and hollered for us to wait a minute, that she had something to show us. We walked up to the house and she took us around the side of the house to a box with four tiny puppies. Shirley was jubilant and asked to hold one. Mrs. Dickson said they needed a good home and asked if we would like one. Shirley and I walked away, each with a puppy. I think I knew that I should have asked my parents before taking one, but Shirley was getting one and I didn’t want her to have one if I didn’t.

When we finally reached Shirley’s grandparents. I waited to see how they were going to react to her having a puppy. Shirley’s grandmother threw a fit. She said that woman knew better than give puppies to small children just to get rid of them. I guess it was good that there was no telephone for her grandmother would have given Mrs. Dickson a piece of her mind. We were directed to take the puppies back, so we walked back across town and gave the puppies back to Mrs. Dickson. Shirley did the talking. She was good at that. Mrs. Dickson didn’t seem surprised that we had brought them back.

One good thing, I was relieved of having to get the reaction of my parents. I knew how they would act after seeing the reaction of Shirley’s grandmother. And besides, I would not have enjoyed having a puppy as much if Shirley didn’t have one.