Worse Than Sin

Some time ago one of the prominent churches in the community decided to rewrite their by-laws on the suggestion of one of their new members, a young lawyer.

After completing the rewriting of the by-laws they were presented to the church at a called meeting. The meeting was well attended. Some of the older members had not been too enthusiastic on changing any of the by-laws but had not presented much opposition.

One of the new by-laws stated that the church should not employ members of the church for regular service jobs, in particular the church secretary; but should go outside the church membership to find these employees.

When this by-law came up for discussion and a vote, one of the long time men members stood up and remarked, “ I question just how this would work. I’d go to the barber shop and they would say, ‘ Heard you fired your secretary. What did she do? Did she steal something?’ and I’d say no, worse than that. She joined the church!”

There was a roar of laughter and needless to say, this proposed by-law was voted down.