Mixture Sandwiches

My mother married when she was only 15 years old. I was born when she was 19. Having such a young mother was an advantage for me. She was very active with my childhood interests and friends. She always encouraged my friends to visit and tried to make them enjoy their visits. Often she would prepare snacks of cookies, peanut butter sandwiches, lemonade and things like that.

Shirley lived next door. Since I was an only child and at that time she had no brothers or sisters, we became very close, like brother and sister. She enjoyed my mother’s snacks too. One day I was at her house and she decided we should have a snack like she often had at my house. We went into her family’s kitchen to make sandwiches. She got out four slices of bread and then realized she had nothing to put in the sandwiches. She never let on that she had a problem, but simply spread the bread with mustard and then added some apple jelly and closed the sandwiches. I asked what kind of sandwiches these were. She responded that they were called “mixture” sandwiches and she had them all of the time. I was not sure of that but I was hungry and decided to try one. Boy! It was good! It had a sweet tart taste that’s difficult to describe. After that we often enjoyed “mixture” sandwiches. I even had Mother make them for me from time to time.

Many, many years later when we were in our sixties, she came back to Fayetteville for an aunt’s funeral. She asked to visit my mother who was now in her eighties. I drove her to my mother’s house and after the visit we drove around Fayetteville. She noted all of the changes. It was around noon when we arrived back at her aunt’s house. She politely asked if I could come in for a bite to eat. I needed to get home, but I reminded her of the “mixture” sandwiches and we both had a good laugh. It was the last time I saw her before her death.

I still have “mixture” sandwiches from time to time. I had one for lunch today. You should try one. You’ll need some sandwich bread, a jar of apple jelly and some mustard. I believe you will like it.