Camp Thunder is a Boy Scout Camp located down below Concord, GA. When I was a BoyScout I went there for a week on several occasions. The last time I went with my friend, Billy Tate.

Billy was a couple of years older than I, and I looked up to him like an older brother.(Read my story under “Teen Years” called “Basketball”.) He loved scouting as I did. We had stayed in tents on earlier trips, but this time we were assigned a bunk house which was quite an improvement over the tents.

We had a productive stay, earning two awards: “Honor Camper” and “The Order of the Arrow”.

While there, we were given the challange of going on a hike and fixing our own meal while out. After a long hike we discovered we were lost and it was getting dark. Billy decided that we should stop for the night because it would be almost impossible to find our way in the dark. We found large rocks and placed them in a circle and built a fire in the middle. We had some potatoes and a box of Bisquick that the camp had given us. Billy showed me how to pack mud around the potatoes and cook them in the ashes of the fire. The mud hardened and at the same time cooked the potatoes. Billy mixed water with the Bisquick and made a long dough snake that he twisted around a stick and cooked over the fire. We had some eggs but decided to wait until morning to eat them. In the morning the rocks had gotten very hot and we used a small pan that was part of an army mess kit to place on the hot rocks and fry the eggs. Not bad eating when you are lost.

We found our way back to camp without much trouble. I’ve thought about this occasion many times over the years. Were we really lost? ... or did Billy just make me think we were so I’d have a more interesting time. Anyway, It was one of the outstanding events of my scouting years.

It’s not unusual for a young boy to find an older friend to look up to. I was lucky to have had an older scout who befriended me and led me in the right direction.