Himalaya Blackberries

Blackberry jam and jelly are some of the best foods available for the breakfast table. You don’t find them in the grocery store as much as other types of jellies and jams. When you do, they are usually more expensive than the others. It’s not unusual for the seeds to be left in. Since they are small it’s easy to overlook them because of that sweet unique blackberry flavor. Mother’s blackberry pie was a favorite. I liked it warm with a little sweet milk over it.

I think that one reason blackberry jams and jellies are more difficult to find is because blackberries are usually found in the wild and there is little room anymore for wild plants to grow. When you do find them, picking them is a real chore.

We always had plenty of blackberry jelly as I grew up. This was due to the fact that we had these large hedgerows of berries in the side and back yards where we lived. You don’t usually find blackberries in large hedgerows, and these were not your usual blackberries. They were large and juicy and you could pick a bucketful in no time.

The hedgerows were made up of thorny plants that grew about four or five feet tall. They were massive and would have taken over the yard had we not kept them cut back. The berries were larger than regular blackberries and had a sweet taste, but they also had very large seeds that kept you from eating too many.

Mother called them Himalaya Blackberries. Because of the large seeds they didn’t make good pies, but Mother made large batches of jelly each summer straining out the seeds. We had jelly all winter and there was always enough to share with friends and family.

I don’t believe Himalaya Blackberries are found in this area anymore. As a matter of fact any type of blackberries may be hard to find. Every now and then I overlook the high price and purchase a small jar of blackberry jelly, usually the seedless type. I enjoy the memories of past breakfasts as much as I enjoy the blackberry taste.