The Burch Family

The John Ambrose Burch family lived in a two story house on the street that ran parallel to Highway 54. He married Nell Graham in 1907. He had been a probate judge but was a bookkeeper for the Redwine Brothers when I knew him. I never saw him drive a car, and I’m not even sure he owned one. He always walked to work.

We lived for a while next to them in an apartment with Ms. Stypes. I got to know many of the Burch children. I remember Graham, Ambrose, Wilson, Robert, Jim and Mary, and I believe there were a couple I never met.

Jim was the youngest. His class at school had a sand box type display at the Fayette County Fair and he borrowed a small toy wagon from me for the display. The wagon was lost. I was only three or four and I pitched a fit. It was around Easter time so he bought me a chocolate rabbit to make up for having lost the little wagon. The bunny was life sized and I liked it very much. I wanted to save it but I also wanted to eat it. I decided to eat just its ears not really knowing how strange that would make the rabbit look.

Mary was a Sunday School teacher. When I was older she always invited me to parties they had even though I never went to her Sunday School class. I’m not sure why she did this but I think Mrs. Burch was responsible. I used to do yard work for her after most of her children were away from home. I got to even know her better since Mother would send me to buy milk from her. Her kitchen was extra, extra clean and she would sometimes share cookies and cake with me. She was one of the kindest and sweetest people I ever knew.

Robert became a famous author of children’s books. Ambrose was musically talented. He used to play the church chimes for the Methodist Church. As a matter of fact all of the Burch children became successful in some area. Above all their dispositions were gentle, loving, and especially kind. I believe they expressed the nature of their parents, and the quality of their upbringing.