Technology has certainly given us a wealth of electronic and computer games. Most children are as familiar with these games as we were as children with Jackstones and Chinese Checkers. As a rule children know more about computers than their grandparents. One reason for this is their love of computer games.

The games of my generation were more physical. They were usually played outdoors. There was Red Light, May I?, Kitty Wants a Corner, London Bridges, Drop the Handkerchief, Red Rover-Red Rover, Tag, Hide and Go Seek, Cowboys and Indians, Leapfrog, Jump Rope, Hopscotch, Cat Ball, and a lot of “Pla’ack” games which were pretend games we made up as we went.

My favorite game was Cat Ball. There were different ways to play but the way we played was using two batters facing each other about 20 feet apart. A pitcher who was also a catcher stood behind each batter. We used a rubber ball about the size of a baseball. Our bats were homemade which looked more like paddles than bats. One pitcher would pitch the ball to the opposite batter. Many others stood all around in what we called the outfield. If the batter hit the ball and anyone caught it on the first bounce, he exchanged places with the batter. The catcher/pitcher was in a very favorable position for if he caught the ball missed by the batter on the first bounce he exchanged places with the batter. We played this a lot at school because many could play with very little equipment. In addition to the two batters and two catcher/pitchers about twenty or more played in the area called the outfield.

One special feature about these games was that each required a group or at least more than one to play. They not only provided good physical exercise but helped develop social skills.

It was easier for children in the community to get together. Communities were safer and less supervision was necessary. For instance, it was fun to play hiding games after dark. These days most parents would be afraid to allow this.

Of course there were many indoor table and board games that are still played today by children and adults. We may not play these games as often. After all, we now have television.