Important Things

It doesn’t take a lot to make a lasting impression; a kind deed, a thoughtful or timely comment, or help in a time of trouble.

The other day I was remembering such occasions in my own life and there are many. The persons responsible seldom realize what they have done.

Two such occasions happened over sixty years ago.

When I was very young still riding my tricycle, I tied my coaster wagon to the back of my tricycle and rode up the sidewalk toward town. About half way to town there was a deep drain ditch with a culvert that ran under the sidewalk. At that point I decided to turn around and ride back toward home, but my wagon fell off into the ditch and pulled me and my tricycle in with it. The ditch was very deep and I was on the back side from the road. I was not hurt but frightened and began crying loudly.

Across the street the American Legion Post house was being used to relieve an over crowded situation in the schools and the students were having recess. One of the girls heard my cry and came across the road, climbed down into the ditch and got me out along with my tricycle and wagon. She was so kind and comforting. She told me her name and said she was glad I was not hurt. Some might remember her as Eloise McElwaney. She was K.W. McElwaney’s sister. She later married Hugh Huddleston and lived in Peachtree City. As I grew up I would always recall this incident when I’d see her, although I’m sure she never remembered it.

Another time when I was older I was riding my bicycle on this same sidewalk. My overall pants’ leg got caught in the chain and I was thrown into a cedar bush. I was pinned under my bicycle and was not able to get up. Seems like I had a ‘falling off things’ problem.

Mrs. Mary Green Travis, Ed Travis’ mother, was a seamstress and came along going home with her sewing bag. Seeing me stranded she took out a pair of scissors and cut my pants’ leg free. She too was kind and made sure that I was not hurt.

Then I also remember the teenager who taught me to ride my bicycle, my high school English teacher who read my poem to the class, the scout master who gave me a job after school answering his telephone , my grandmother who took me wild strawberry picking, and ...