First Date

I was never a ladies man at school, but in the sixth grade I took a fancy to a little girl in the seventh grade. She was cute as a button, so I decided to ask her to go to the high school’s Senior Play. To my surprise she accepted and I made big plans. I even bought a new billfold to have when I bought the tickets that night. This was in 1945, before television, and the Senior Play was an important annual event in the community and everyone who could attended.

The nearer the time came for the play the more apprehensive I became. I didn’t know how to act on a date. I’d also done some bragging about the date to the boys and I knew they would not miss a chance to heckle me that night. She seemed to be looking forward to the event and I could not back out at this point!

The night came. The plan was for me to meet her at Beatles Drug Store and to walk with her to the high school. She lived outside town and was staying with a classmate in Fayetteville. I was nervous as could be and even cried to my mother, but she had little sympathy for me, explaining I had obligated myself and must follow through.

I put on my best clothes and walked up to Beatles Drug Store and waited. In a short while, she appeared all bubbly and excited; but she was walking with her friend and her friend’s mother, whom I knew very well. I’ve never felt so awkward. Her friend’s mother greeted me in such a way that I knew she knew nothing about the date so I tagged along behind the three of them until we got to the school auditorium. To avoid the boys, I stayed outside until the girl, her friend, and her friend’s mother bought their tickets and entered the auditorium. I then bought my ticket, slipped into the auditorium past the boys, and found the girl seated by herself. I sat beside her during the play.

After the play we met her older sister and her sister’s high school boy friend outside the auditorium and walked with them up to Miss Roxie Blalock’s house in town where her father picked her and her sister up.

I ran home quite relieved determined not to date again for a while.