Daily Shake

When I was about seven or eight my parents started giving me a weekly allowance of 35 cents, a nickel a day. I made it last all week.

Each day in the summer time, around 3:00 in the afternoon, I would clean up and walk up town to Seawright’s Drug Store where I enjoyed a chocolate milk shake. Shakes cost five cents, so I had enough to have one every day of the week. They were delicious...a very special taste, like nothing I’ve had since. My favorite person at the drug store was Hugh Garrison. He made the milk shakes. He would mix the shake and hand me the metal mixing container with a large Coke glass which I could fill one and a half times.

I’d hang around the drug store slowly sipping my shake, watching Mr. Stanley Morgan and Mr. Paul Kerlin play checkers. They played a very serious game while a group stood around watching.

Some real important people often came in while I was there, like Mr. Malt Sams, the county sheriff, his deputy Mr. William Ballard (who later became sheriff), Mr. Ferrol Sams, the school superintendent, and Mr. Crawford Hewell, the head of Farmers and Merchants Bank, located next door. I was told that Mr. Hewell came in twice each day at the very same time and drank a Coca Cola. I remember figuring that he spent about twice as much on Coca Colas as I spent on shakes.

Sometimes I’d sit at the tables with swinging, rotating seats and listen to teenagers who were often hanging out there. They didn’t seem to mind me.

Mr. Garrison said I should try an ice cream soda sometime, but they cost a dime.