Christmas Trees

It’s always difficult to find that perfect Christmas tree. You can look for hours to get one with just the right shape and size. Then you take one home and hope it will last through Christmas. We found our tree at a tree lot or tree farm. Fortunate are those who can trudge out to the back of their property and lug back a big tree and arms of holly with berries.

It’s important to keep the tree fresh, filling the house with that special odor that only a live tree can give. We have always put our tree in some water to preserve it as long as possible. I’m not sure that even helps but we feel better doing it. Some put sugar in the water and I even knew someone who used Coca-Cola.

I remember when I was a boy, my daddy “fixed” our tree by cutting off some of the badly spaced limbs and then boring holes in the tree trunk and sticking them into the holes in such a way as to give it more balance. We never kept the tree very long after Christmas so these “transferred” limbs never wilted.

There are many different kinds of Christmas trees. There are Scotch Pine, Douglas Fir, White Spruce, Red Cedar, Leland Cypress and varieties of each of these. My wife likes a full floor-to-ceiling Fraser fir tree. I prefer a “Charlie Brown” type tree. The lights go on easier and there’s no problem discarding it after Christmas.

Some like to get a live tree that can be planted in the yard after Christmas. In doing this each year they have a collection of living trees that remind them of past Christmases. Some prefer an artificial tree. They are available even decorated. I know a lady that at the end of the season takes it to her basement and takes it out the following Christmas avoiding the work of decorating it each year. A widow lady who lives near me leaves her tree up all year.

When I was an elementary school principal, each classroom had a Christmas tree that the children decorated with handmade ornaments. I remember doing this when I was in school and the activity was a highlight of Christmas. I guess that’s still permitted. If the word “Christmas” has become such a serious problem, maybe they could call it something else but it would be inappropriate not to have a school tree.

I hope you have a bright and shining tree this Christmas. I’m not sure Santa Claus will come if you don’t.