A Friend in Deed

This is about a friend I would have liked to know better. I never had the opportunity to be closely acquainted with her. How did I know she was my friend? She told me so. She had no inhibitions in telling someone she liked that she loved them. She was always energetic, enthusiastic, committed, and dynamic to the extent that you might feel exhausted just watching her work.

She was always on the cutting edge of new technology. She was the first person I knew who wore contact lenses. She had worn very thick glasses and her wearing contacts made a very obvious change in her appearance. She was an attractive person.

She was also the first person in the community to own a microwave oven. She lived very near the school where I was principal. When one of the teachers heard that she owned a microwave, she asked if her fifth grade class might come to her house to see it. She made their visit very special by letting each student make a cupcake in the oven.

She was active in the early development of the Fayette County Public Library which in earlier days was known as the Margaret Mitchell Library.

Tyrone has a recreation park consisting of two softball fields named in her honor.

She was always involved in some community project. Since she was married to the president of the Farmers and Merchants Bank she made sure that both of their banks here in Fayetteville were architecturally an asset to the community. She also actively supported beautification projects in Fayetteville.

Dorothea Redwine is not with us anymore but Fayette County became a better place because of her. She should be remembered as a citizen who made a significant difference in her community.