Papa and the Packard

The Packard automobile was a popular luxury car in the early to mid 1900’s during a time when few automobiles were on the road. My granddaddy, Papa Greer, owned a Packard.

As I remember it, Papa Greer had cut the back half of the cab off and installed a homemade flatbed. It was probably the only "truck" of its kind. The front end still had the fancy ornate appearance of the Packard with its distinctive radiator cap ornament

Papa Greer used the truck to do his traveling to town and around the neighborhood but he also used it in the field. He would connect a plow, the kind primarily used with a mule, to the back of the truck. He would have his youngest daughter, Gwen, drive the truck while he walked behind with the plow, This was how he cultivated his farm.

When Gwen was older she moved to Atlanta and worked in one of the 10¢ stores. She and another young lady shared an apartment. She never revealed to her roommate just how country her family was. She even told the roommate that they owned a Packard as she grew up.

She brought her roommate to visit my family. My mother was her older sister. I was about twelve at the time. We got out the pictures we’d made with our Brownie Kodak 620 box camera as a kind of entertainment for our guest. I was enjoying telling about each photo. Not knowing that Gwen had bragged about having a Packard, when I got to a picture of Papa Greer sitting on the front bumper of the truck, I announced, “and here’s Papa and the Packard.”
The roommate looked at Gwen. Gwen looked down at the floor. Then they both burst into laughter.