Cornbread is one of my favorite foods. I must have it with vegetables. Crumbled in buttermilk with a large onion on the side is a prized snack.

There are a number of ways to make cornbread. Some put a little flour and an egg in the batter. Some even add kernel corn. One of my grandmothers liked it plain. She just added water to the meal, cooking it like a pancake. She called it a “hoecake”. Hoecake got its name because this type of unleavened johnnycake was originally baked in the South on the blade of a hoe over an open fire.

Mother sometimes added an egg and a little sugar to the batter. She called it “egg bread” instead of cornbread. It was sweet with a smooth texture. She often made this when we had company.

Mother usually made cornbread in an iron skillet. She used bacon drippings,a little baking powder,an egg, and buttermilk with the cornmeal. This is my favorite type of cornbread. I also enjoyed it when she added pork cracklins for a little added flavor.

My other grandmother never learned to read. One time she used a soap detergent thinking it was baking powder for her cornbread. Of course this was quite a surprise at dinner.

It’s difficult to find plain cornmeal. What you find in the grocery stores now days is cornbread mix. It already has salt and baking powder added. You then add milk and oil or even an egg. It’s not too bad and easy to use. I like the “White Lilly” brand best.

In the old days, farmers took their corn to a corn mill to have ground. Daddy ran the Tinsley mill in the 1930’s. The Tinsley Mill district in Peachtree City is named for this old mill.