My Aunt Rachel was mother’s younger sister. Many of you would remember her as Rachel Crews, the mother of Carol Sweatman and Henry (Bear) Crews. Of all my relatives she was my favorite for she always made me feel special. When I was very young I could not say Rachel so I always called her “Achie”.

She was active in the Fayetteville community all of her life. During this time she was employed by a number of local businesses as well as operating a business of her own. She was also a telephone operator back when there were only about 100 telephones. She was healthy and very active most of her life. She lived to be over eighty.

In the mid 1940’s she ran a restaurant on the south side of the Courthouse Square. It was difficult back then for a restaurant to make it on its own and some groceries were sold on the side. When I was in high school I worked there on many weekends. Mostly hot dogs and hamburgers were sold but there was also a full meal served at noon each day.

Janie Mae Thomas, one of Achie’s best friends, also worked there. One day a man who was passing through at noon time stopped in for the daily dinner. As Mrs. Thomas was cleaning his table, she found a 50¢ piece and not being accustomed to customers tipping, she rushed out of the store and stopped the man as he walked down the street.

“You forgot your half dollar,” she said with a smile as she handed the money back to him.